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1.Fire Fighting Equipment

It is strictly prohibited for any person to tamper with any fire fighting gear or equipment. It is also, except in emergency, prohibited for any person to open, close or move any of such equipment except with authorisation from the Port Authority.

2. Naked Lights

It is prohibited to use ant type of naked lights any where close to the vicinity of fuel tankers, tanks, or vessels fuelling or transferring inflammable cargo in the port.

3. No Smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited at the vessels cargo hatches, stores, warehouses and cargo decks during cargo operations.

4. Fumigation

No vessel is to carry out fumigation in the port unless approval has been obtained in writing from the Harbour Master and the concerned Authorities.

5. Welding

It is prohibited for any vessel to perform any welding activities except after obtaining prior written approval from the Harbour Master.

6. Fire Alarm

Immediately a fire is discovered on board a vessel or elsewhere , the fire alarm shall be raised by standard means. If the fire is in a vessel alongside then the person in charge should contact Port control and Fire & Safety department. The masters of nearby vessels should take the necessary precautions for securing their vessels and shall provide all assistance needed by the vessel on fire.

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