Port of Salalah


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Situated at the major East-West shipping lane, the Port of Salalah provides the regions best location in order to access the Middle East the Indian Subcontinent, East Africa and the Indian Ocean Island with over 2.5 billion consumers.

The Port of Salalah is situated in Dhofar in the southern region of Oman, located 15 km south of Salalah.

Geographical Position
Latitude:                        16° 56 min. N
Longitude:                     054° 00 min E

Load Line & Time Zone
Load Line Zone:            Tropical
Time Zone:                   GMT +4

Tidal Range & Flow
Tidal range averages 1.0m to 2.0m however, during monsoon season (Jun to Aug) waves are up to 4.0 at max.

Dock Water Density
Density:                        1.025.

Prevailing winds:            Monsoon wind, direction 230 deg, speed max
                                    15-20kn during the period of June to August

November to March:      Temperatures approx 24°C-34°C
March to May:               Spring, temperatures approx 20° to high 30°
June to August:             Summer, temperatures vary between 20° to
                                   30° due to the monsoon effect


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