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The Maintenance Service Department ensures smooth running of the Ports equipment including its 17 Super Post-Panamax gantry cranes.

MSD has facilities and technology to monitor reefer units, crane maintenance and repair of any type, among a diversified range of services. 

Monitoring of Reefer Units
The Container Service Division provides nonstop monitoring of reefer containers by highly qualified technicians.

Container Box Repair
Repairs of reefers often require multiple tasks to be done at the same time. The Port's IICL certified port technicians are able to repair all kinds of container boxes (stainless steel and aluminum boxes). Repairs can often also include foaming, welding, pressing, painting and patching. Only quality raw materials that meet the stringent standards of the customer and the Port of Salalah are being used in this process. Port of Salalah aims at repairing rather than replacing. 

Container Unit Repair
Port technicians handle all mechanical, electronic repairs of container units. They are provided with hatch tools such as testers for units' microprocessors. Port of Salalah focuses on developing these technicians to provide container support for all of our liner customers calling at the Port. Most of the training is coordinated directly with the main container manufacturers.

Data Retrieving
One of the most sensitive tasks in the Container Services Division is the retrieving of data from containers. Port customers at times require data of reefers and as such, the department provides all download facilities for retrieving of the required data. The main purpose of this process is to get all the information about a unit's history in order to know exactly where and when the fault occurred.

Vessel Repairs
The Port is often called upon by its customers to perform repairs of their vessels, like cell guides welding, hatch cover damages, handrail etc. These repairs require strict procedures to ensure safety and repair quality are in line with the high standards of the Port and the vessel owner.

Onboard Repairs
Not only does the section provide repairs in its workshops, but also it provides all technical support on board during vessel's stay as needed. This type of repair is a challenge, but the motivated and encouraged staff proves capability and proficiency. More than that, the staff always assists crews of vessels to avoid delay in all respects.

Generator Repairs
Technical services are extended to provide technical support for generator repairs. Skilled technicians are available 24 hours a day for such repairs, which are often critical.

Service Center for Carrier Transicold
Port of Salalah is a certified regional center for "Carrier Transicold". This allows the Port to offer many manufacture specific services and the availability of original spare parts. 

In addition, the service center will be responsible to provide SPS Container Services Division with the following:

  • Trained Personnel
  • Parts Stocking
  • Tool Requirements
  • Warranty Policy and Procedures
  • Service Identification
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Maintaining Quality Service

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