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The Port of Salalah Training Department ensures we meet the challenges of a dynamic and vibrant environment and continiously enhance employee skills, to the benefit of colleagues, company and customers.

The Training Centre reflects our aim to be a responsible corporate citizen, merging the company's need with the community's expectations.

Port of Salalah offers its own training programs, as well as those available through A.P. Moller-Maersk and APM Terminals.

The Port of Salalah Service Training Department's range of services include:

  • Surveys of Training needs
  • Development of course outlines, objectives and course material
  • Imparting of Training courses
  • Review and Quality Control Courses
  • Development of In-house Trainers and Instructors
  • Assessment and Monitoring of external Training Providers to ensure a return on investment
  • Development of Training Processes and Procedures
  • Production of suitable Training management Documentation
Course Calendar: Courses available this month
Course Name Department Venue
English Language Course Combined group SPS
Safety Awareness Combined group SPS
Painting Course Maintenance NTI
Mechanists Course Maintenance NTI
Database Administrator IT New Horizon
Quay Crane Certificate Operations SPS
Tractors & Trailers Certificate Operations SPS
Certified Accounting Technician Finance Polyglot
RTG Certificate Operations SPS
Tug Master course Marine Egypt-Arab Academy
Fire Truck Certificate HSSE SPS
Top Loader Certificate Operations SPS
Reach Stacker Certificate Operations-GCT SPS
Forklift Certificate Facilities SPS
On the Job Training Group from China SPS
On the Job Training Group from Brunei Port Authority SPS
On the Job Training Ministry of Manpower program SPS
On the Job Training Group from SCCT –Egypt SPS
Certified Ethical Hacker IT Bahwan-IT

Training Statistics: Monthly Training Statistic
Course Name No of Trainees Department
Quay Crane 5 Operations
RTG 9 Operations
Tractors & Trailer 6 Casuals
Safety Awareness 102 Combined group
Reach Stacker 1 Operations
Top Loader 3 Operations
Forklift 7 Facilities
Fire Truck 3 HSSE
On the Job Training 46 Combined group
CAT 7 Finance
Total 189 --

Training 2

Summer Internship

The Summer Internship Programme aims at acquainting students with different work environments, which will help them when they enter employment after graduation from colleges and universities, on the one hand, and on the second hand it gives Port of Salalah an opportunity to view potential future employees.

This, of course, emerges from the company's policy to develop national human resources and to engage the community not only in Salalah but also in Oman, in general.

Objectives of the program:

  • Provide local college students with work experience
  • Provide opportunity to learn about private business and SPS
  • Equip trainees with method and ideas on how to get a job in future
  • Provide motivation and guidance in college studies
  • Enhance work/study experience


  • Trainees from both sexes must be over 18 years old
  • Preference would be given to applicants from Dhofar
  • Must have spent at least one year in one of the colleges mentioned below
  • Must demonstrate English Language proficiency

Selection Process

  • Each college may nominate up to nine student, the best students will then be selected
  • An Port of Salalah application form is to be completed along with an essay prepared by the student
  • Student must pass an English Language exam, to be administered
  • A nominate will submit three letters of recommendation.
  • An Port of Salalah committee will decide final selection


  • Every trainee will be granted OR 300 during training period
  • All trainees will be covered by insurance against industrial accidents

Port of Salalah Library

The Training Department put forth the concept of how to nurture personal and organizational knowledge, and how to use this knowledge in the organization and the daily lives of its employees.

To meet the needs of a growing company with diverse departmental and personal requirements, the training department founded a private library that contains sufficient resources to help employees, trainers, and trainees keep up with the rapid changes of technologies, training programs, and business. This include reference manuals, technical books, publications, encyclopedias and general port resources.

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