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The IT department manages the IT and communications systems. Professionally trained IT and support staff is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have the ability to remote login and solve users issues.

An IT strategic committee decides on future strategic investment and plans. There is an ongoing process of investments for new systems, upgrades and adequate training for IT staffs to keep them up-to-date with the technology, trends, licensing requirements etc.

Business Critical Systems SPARC
Is a graphical planning and control application of Yard activities to improve planner productivity, labour and equipment utilization.

It integrates all aspects of yard, vessel, planning and controlling dispatch of container handler using Data Terminal units.

Navis Express
World's leading software for the terminal Containers management system which handles the data for all terminal transactions, including gate, yard, vessel activity, import/export process, booking, billing and work order management. Express runs on Oracle supported hardware platform & utilizes UNIX operating system.

Together EXPRESS and SPARCS share data in real time.

Data Communications
We use Teklogic Hand Held Terminals and Vehicle mounted terminals. These equipment are used to pass the data from the yard to the planners during operation and for reefer maintenance and repairs by reefer dept.

A complete disaster recovery site is built to keep the IT business critical systems up and working to support the operations 24/7.

Data Backup
We have a process of storing on-site and off-site data backup, in the event of any disaster.

Voice Communications (VHF)
We use Kenwood & Vertex hand held radios to handle voice communication within the port by Operations, HSSE, Maintenance and Reefer Department.

Radio Frequencies
UHF and VHF: We use it for our data and voice communication extensively for Teklogic, Kenwood, Vertex and Port control systems.

Is used for internal and external use and Call management software is integrated to monitor call costs of employees.

Thuraya Satellite (GPS and mobile phones)
We are equipped with these hand held equipment and they serve as a contingency backup for voice communications in case of disasters.

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