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The Port of Salalah HSSE department plays a big role in ensuring the Port compliance to international standards. The department provides the following services:


The health department provides occupational health care system for its employees and ensures that any trend in sickness or injury is highlighted so corrective action can be taken.

The department provides the following services:

  • Daily health care of staff
  • Family care
  • Medical check up
  • Eye tests
  • Employment screening
  • Follow up at hospitals


Safety is a priority at Port of Salalah. Safety is a line responsibility and is supervised by each department manager under the supervision of the HSSE manager.

Port of Salalah operates an excellent Safety Management System and has produced all its own Policies, Procedures and Safety Manuals.

The management team at Port of Salalah ensures that all accidents are reported and investigated, so that corrective action can be taken to prevent further accidents.

The safety department also conducts all inspections and audits of all facilities, offices, and workshops to ensure compliance to the policies and procedures


In today's global environment, the Port of Salalah is no different to any other port or major industry and takes security of it personnel and major assets seriously and will take all precautions to maintain peaceful conditions.

Access to the port is restricted to port users and bona fide business community personnel. To gain access to the port, personnel must be in possession of a gate pass. This can be annual or a gate pass issued temporarily if the required documentation is provided.

The Port of Salalah has security personnel and members of the Royal Oman Police to man the gates. All personnel and vehicles are checked on entry and exit and all goods must be manifested before entry or a document provided to remove property or equipment.

The Port of Salalah and the Government of Oman is working to gain the ISPS " Declaration of Security" as required before July 1 2004.

  • Access control
  • Access permits
  • 24/7 roving and static patrol
  • Vessel and facility inspections
  • ISPS commencing
  • Liaise with ROP and other emergency services
  • Vehicle checks
  • Random checks


The Government of Oman and the Port of Salalah puts environmental issues in focus. There are very strict policies when vessels are in the port and strict measures are taken against any offenders. The Port of Salalah is very proud of the condition of the port and the cleanliness of the port.

Should an incident occur The Port of Salalah has the capability of dealing with a major oil spill whether it is in the port or adjacent area. We have oil spill inflatable booms, oil skimmers and absorbent material to contain any spill until the assistance (if required) of any outside agency.

The beach surrounding the port is clean and beautiful, and is seen as a tourist attraction. The Port of Salalah cares about the environment and helps ensure it remains in that condition.

  • Oil spill equipment
  • Fuel control
  • Pollution control in the harbor
  • Waste Management

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